2020 Applications for Admission to The SA FILM Academy Reopen 1 February 2020

Please note as of 1 February 2020 we re-open applications to the SA FILM Academy for our 2020 trainee intake.

Please resubmit your application to admissions@safilmacademy.org from 1 February 2020.

 Before making your submission please note:

The SA FILM Academy provides in-service training on local & international long form, commercial & TV productions & series and in production companies

The accredited, non-profit SA FILM Academy – focuses primarily on providing a bridge between education and employment – offering remunerated, In-service, on-the-job training under mentorship on local and international, long-form, commercial, TV productions & series and in production companies. We do not charge fees, nor do we run a full-time, theoretical training programme.

The duration of your attendance on SAFA as a trainee

Once admitted, the duration of your attendance on the SAFA In-service training programme – progressing from junior – to intermediate – to senior trainee on productions – differs from career path to career path, and how frequently you are selected to gain ongoing hands-on experience as a remunerated trainee contracted to productions.

Graduating from the SA FILM Academy

Once you are ready to become crew – based on industry assessment from HoDs and mentors in your department on productions, and do become crew, you effectively graduate from the SA FILM Academy programme and are eligible for a SAFA certificate of completion.

SA FILM Academy intake draws primarily from the Western Cape

Our intake is drawn primarily from the Western Cape where the majority of long form and series productions are produced and serviced. We do permit people from other provinces and centres such as Gauteng, KZN & the Eastern Cape to join SAFA


Requirements for applications are as follows:

  • If you have a definite interest in a career in film, television or digital media
  • If you have a South African Identification Document (ID)
  • If you are between 18 – 35 years of age
  • If you have a valid matriculation certificate
  • If you do not have a criminal record (Please see safilmacademy.org/film-4-offenders/ )

Please contact Gale via email for the SA Film Academy admission requirements.



We do generate and manage paid 12-month MICT-SETA internships in partnership with host employers, for those successful applicants with the correct tertiary education qualifications.

We will notify the public via our website (www.safilmacademy.org ) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheSAFilmAcademy/ ), when we are recruiting tertiary education graduates for our 2020 – 2021 MICT-SETA internships.