Key role players in the South African film industry have acknowledged the critical need for a unified front adopting universal, standardised measures to mitigate the extremely serious environmental impact of local and international film productions in South Africa.

Raised by Wolves – the Ridley Scott, serialized sci-fi series – has pioneered the move towards environmental sustainability and is piloting a replicable model for sensible, responsible, economical, sustainable film production – and striving for an internationally recognised, carbon-neutral production footprint.

GreenSet – under the umbrella of the SA FILM Academy – is co-developing an accredited Film Industry Environmental Sustainability course training module, together with environmental sustainability consultant, Wrap Zero, to train up Environmental Supervisors and implement a holistic, integrated, environmental sustainability pilot project, during the course of this production.

The Sustainable Film Forum in South Africa is committed to engage in an environmental sustainability program roll-out across all film and television projects.

The aim is to create an internationally recognized South African system of radically reducing, calculating and reporting a given production’s carbon footprint, thus competing on a global platform as a shining example of environmental sustainability in the South African business sector. In so doing, we wish to create employment, protect the environment, save money and build a solid foundation for the future.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you ensuring our collective contribution to environmental sustainability; and rather than being the problem, actively contributing to the solution of an environmentally sustainable film industry.

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